Servicing • Modifications • Repairs


Over the last 45 years I’ve been working on and operating Agricultural and plant machinery with the servicing and repairing of these machines too.

With modern technology getting to the forefront of these machines, electronics almost take over the machines operations. These can be repaired or where the case occurs that the main dealer of a certain make of machine is required to download certain software, this can be arranged so the machine can be repaired or set up.

Agricultural machinery is covered too but the large tractor of today are serviced and covered by their supplier so I tent not to get involved with these machines so much now.

The diggers be it a 360 degree tracked machine from mini diggers to the larger sizes can be catered for as are dumpers, tele-handlers and all the smaller machines used on the building sites.
Being trained at JCB most of the companies range of excavators, wheeled or tracked together with dumpers and tele-handlers too can all be repaired and serviced all on site.

Service plans can be arranged so taking the worry out or remembering when it needs it service.


Every plant machine working on a site will need to be LOLER inspected and certified. This test I can carry out for you.

LOLER is the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.
LOLER is an abbreviation of Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. It is often referred to as the LOLER regs or LOLER 98 regulations. The LOLER regulations came into force on 5 December 1998.